Budgeting and development of business operations

Financial planning guides business activity and helps in setting goals.

In addition to normal financial management services, we help our clients with preparing the budget and follow-up. We also complete financial statements-based analyses, profitability calculations and financing reports.

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Financial statements-based analyses

With well-chosen key figures, a good general picture of the company’s financial condition can be obtained.

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How are you really doing?

This is how we help:

  • On the basis of financial statements-based key figures, we complete a reliable status report on how your firm is doing
  • By means of certain key figures, we put together written reports in which your company is compared with those that are successful in your business sector.
  • We provide you with guidelines on the basis of our analysis by which you can develop the operations of your firm.
  • A similar analysis can also be completed quarterly and even each month, allowing you to react quickly to changes in the business environment.


Kannattavuuslaskennat kertovat, onko investoinnissa itua. 

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Arvioi investointi etukäteen

Investointien tekeminen kannattaa arvioida huolella, ennen kuin niitä lähtee toteuttamaan. Tärkeä osa arviota on kannattavuuslaskenta, jossa arvioidaan etukäteen investoinnin tuotot ja kulut sekä niiden vaikutus yrityksen rahavirtoihin.

Näin voimme auttaa teitä

  • Laadimme kannattavuuslaskentoja yritysten puolesta. Käytämme arvioissamme hyväksi todettuja kannattavuuslaskennan malleja, jotka helpottavat päätöksentekoa. 


Financial planning guides business activity and helps in setting goals.

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The budget turns the annual plan for a business enterprise into concrete numbers. Not only the framework but also the objectives for the company’s operations are set in the budgetary assessment. By means of a fiscal period-based budget, it is possible to monitor the success of business activities.

This is how we help:

  • We assist you in preparing the budget, whereupon the figures achieved as the financial year continues can be compared with what was planned.
  • The figures often differ from the planning in many ways. Together with you, we clarify what has caused the differences and which measures can be taken to correct the situation.


Rahaa ei kannata lainata hinnalla millä hyvänsä. Neuvomme yrityksiä rahoitusneuvotteluissa.

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Apua rahoitusneuvotteluihin

Korkotasao ovat matalalla, mutta lainaraha voi olla tiukassa. Rahoitusneuvotteluissa auttaa, kun yrityksen taloudellinen tilanne on tiedossa.

Näin voimme auttaa teitä

  • Toimimme neuvonantajina rahoitusneuvotteluissa.
  • Tuotamme neuvotteluihin kaiken tarvittavan taloudellisen aineiston yrityksestänne, jotta voitte päätöksenteossa nojata todelliseen tietoon.
  • Saatte tuen rahoituksen saamiseksi, oli kysymyksessä sitten oman tai vieraan pääoman ehtoisen rahoituksen hankkiminen.

Paritileiltä löysimme oikeat ratkaisut taloushallintomme tarpeisiin, kuten kirjanpitoon ja palkanlaskentaan. Lisäksi olemme tyytyväisiä Paritilien tuottamaan raportointiin. Voin suositella heitä lämpimästi.

Andrej Engelhardt

Toimitusjohtaja, Lore Oy

Promises to our clients

1. When we promise something, you can be sure we’ll deliver.

2. We are systematic, consistent and work according to plan.

3. We observe Best Practices in financial management.

4. We use the finest financial management systems and update our programs continuously. If a client requests it, we also do traditional business accounting.

5. For us, life-long learning is not just rhetoric: we are committed to developing our skills alongside our daily work.

6. Our systems are shielded against computer hacking and virus attacks. Our clients’ documentation stays with us in safe storage and the data remains confidential.

7. For us, it’s a joy to serve and help our clients.