You can do bookkeeping yourself, but..

Concentrate on your core business and leave bookkeeping to the local Paritilit specialist

We engage in cost-effective and high-quality business accounting. In addition, we also offer salary calculation and auxiliary accounting, and we can take on money transactions for your company as well.

Our partnership is structured on the basis of one or more building blocks. Business accounting is the foundation of our cooperation, on which we build an appropriate package of financial management services for your enterprise.

We ensure that your company’s financial management is handled on time and in accordance with the regulations, so that you can concentrate on the core issues of your business operations.

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We offer cost-effective and high-quality bookkeeping to small, medium-sized and large-scale enterprises.

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Outsource bookkeeping

You can do bookkeeping yourself or outsource all or part of your company’s financial administration routines to a local specialist. By outsourcing you an concentrate on your core business.

This is how we help

  • We offer cost-effective, high-quality business accounting to small, medium-sized and large-scale enterprises.
  • We tailor our services in accordance with the client’s wishes, size and developmental stage
  • The service entity can change flexibly when the enterprise grows or requirements change.
  • We carry out financial management cost-effectively and on schedule, with an emphasis on high quality.
  • We do both traditional and digital bookkeeping. We have the best programs on the market at our disposal.
  • We offer comprehensive reports completed on an accounting basis.
  • We also help in interpreting reports.

Use of detail ledgers

When a business grows, the need to obtain precise and up-to-date information about the company’s financial situation also increases.

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Fresh reports through the use of detail ledgers

Accounting-generated reports always correspond to the real situation during a given monitoring period. The use of detail ledgers can also include the outsourcing of sales and accounts payable. This way personnel resources are released to take care the company’s core tasks. At the same time, the monitoring of cash flows improves and forecasting eases.

This is how we can help

  • We look after your company’s accounts receivable, which means the circulation speed of income flows frequently increases, and debt collection as well as credit management become systematic.
  • We check your clients’ credit references, which reduces the emergence of credit losses.
  • When we take charge of accounts payable, you can handle invoice approval and making payments electronically, whenever and wherever you like.
  • We look after invoicing on your behalf. This saves time, money and effort, since the same work stages do not have to be completed for one system after another.

Payrolls and salary calculation

Our expert payroll professionals make sure that your employees’ salaries are paid reliably and on time, and that they will be paid on the correct salary date.

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Salary date isn´t flexible

This is how we help

  • Our expert payroll professionals make sure that your employees’ salaries are paid reliably and on time, and that they will be paid on the correct salary date.
  • We manage collective labour agreements and know the ins and outs of payroll services.
  • We generate useful reports for matters connected with employment relations and working histories
  • Our financial management system can be integrated with various time management programs.
  • We offer technical instruments to monitor the implementation of employees’ personal objectives and career plans.
  • We react rapidly to changes in working relationships.

Money transfers

As part of our financial management, we can also take on our client companies’ money transactions.

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Intensify your work effort

The outsourcing of money transfers significantly intensifies your work effort.

This is how we help:

  • We look after your company’s money transfers flexibly and quickly, so the remaining task is only the approval of payment transactions.
  • We deliver up-to-date reports about your financial status to you. Our payment management system can be combined with accounting: the bookkeeping reports and those generated by the system are produced virtually in real time. This way you can depend on up-to-date financial information in making important decisions.
  • We can also take over money transfers when the use of detailed ledgers enabled by electronic systems is unavailable for use.

Four reasons to switch to electronic bookkeeping

1. Saves time and effort

You can prepare your sales invoice online and send it forward as an e-invoice. Payments go directly to accounting.

2. Handling papers and forms reduced

You can inspect the e-invoices you receive electronically. E-invoices and payment transactions are acceptable as accounting data, and they do not need to be printed.

3. Archiving and daily routines simplified

Shelf space doesn’t need to be reserved for bookkeeping binders, because digitally archived information and receipts can be found easily. They’re also safely stored.

4. Reporting improves

Electronic financial management produces ready reports that facilitate managing the firm. They’re also in a format suitable to the Tax Administration.