Are you paying too much in taxes?

Tax planning is a legal and natural part of risk management for business enterprises

Tax planning helps in decision-making, and by its means you can save substantial sums. The need for tax-planning can emerge when there is, for instance, a transition to another field or market region, or consideration is being given to a business acquisition or sale.

In addition to tax planning, we also handle tax clearance. This is necessary if a decision made by the tax authorities is not entirely what was expected. If needed, we can do an amendment application for you.

Please feel welcome to contact us if you need tax planning.

Tax planning

Through tax planning, we find the best solutions from the tax perspective.

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Tax planning helps in decision-making

This is how we help:

  • We carry out tax planning in which the tax-related consequences of various alternatives are calculated.
  • We also take into account the company’s long-term plans in tax planning, as well as apparent future events.
  • We are committed to entrepreneurship and carry out tax planning also with regard to owners’ interests.
  • We can help in preparing tenders so that when bids are calculated and prices determined, the tax consequences are also considered.

Tax Clearance

In addition to tax planning, we also handle tax clearance. If needed, we can do an amendment application for you.

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An expert in taxation matters

It is not always the case that a decision made by the tax authorities is what was expected. In such cases it is also good to clarify whether all points of the law have been followed and whether it is advisable to appeal the decision.

This is how we help: 

  • We provide assistance in clarifying the issues and can complete the required amendment applications on your behalf.
  • We calculate the tax burden to your company well before the taxation assessment is completed. This way you’ll know well in advance how well preliminary taxes match the company’s profits.
  • We clarify beforehand how shares or the entrepreneur will personally be treated in the final tax assessment.

Promises to our clients

1. When we promise something, you can be sure we’ll deliver.

2. We are systematic, consistent and work according to plan.

3. We observe Best Practices in financial management.

4. We use the finest financial management systems and update our programs continuously. If a client requests it, we also do traditional business accounting.

5. For us, life-long learning is not just rhetoric: we are committed to developing our skills alongside our daily work.

6. Our systems are shielded against computer hacking and virus attacks. Our clients’ documentation stays with us in safe storage and the data remains confidential.

7. For us, it’s a joy to serve and help our clients.